Selena Gomez looks like a nail color in orange color in quarantine


Selena Gomez live the social isolation of the order, however, this weekend I played out and was captured by the paparazzi on the streets of California with a outfit of quarantine: sweater oversizetrousers style cow hair attached to the top with a bow, tennis whites pristine, without makeup to the eye, but with a manicure that I was able to draw our attention and that is ideally proposed as trend for the summer 2020. We talk about the nail color in shade orangecut almond-shaped and not square.

Nail in orange color as a trend for the summer 2020.

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In the past, the singer of ‘Boyfriend’ has been passionate about two colors are also in trend: the intense red and the chocolate color, which has been used in more of a ‘storie’ of Instagram, or music video. However, this quarantine has done that Selena Gomez opt for other shades and love that always vibrates high in summer: the orangeeither in a shade more bright, with minimalist designs or, simply, in the matte color integer as the one who chose the celebrity for this occasion.

The nail trend for the summer 2020 are also in other shades like lavender, green, and gray, in designs with applications in rhinestones that mimic the texture and color of some gems, and minerals, as well as the return of the style of a French manicure, but this time stands out for its lines more thin and elegant. After all, in summer the pieces complement each other in the best way with the color of your nails, it is the ideal season to highlight them and choose the style that best go with your personality. Rule id: the vibrant colors, or that den in the rainbow never fail.

Selena Gomez bet also by strong colors for your nails, such as blue.

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What kind of skin goes better with a few nails in the color orange?

The nail in orange color favors more brown skinbecause that is not pale nor require tones more cakes as the skin more clear, or even yellow. If you are a brunette you could also play with more accents metallic or other tones such as yellow and green. Take the advantage that you can the color of your skin.

What other celebrities have surrendered to the enamel of the color orange?

The artist nails among the celebrities, Tom Bachik, supported the election of Selena Gomez bring the nail in orange color to highlight your tan. She opted for a shiny effect that other artists of Hollywood have also been tested, among them, Margot Robbie; in a tone more towards the peach, followed by Kourtney Kardashian in a perfect mate or Jennifer Lopez in a shade more vibrant than like to complement with outfits inspired noventera.

With what outfits I can combine a few nails in the color orange?

The nails in tones more vibrant go over pieces of your wardrobe to be clear or very dark, so that they can stand out from them. Remember that the summer, not being a season in the year where you join with many garments have the goodness to do that you use more accessories, a hair-cut on or just a nail color as the orange you steal all eyes and give you a special light on the rest.

It takes pieces such as a skirt of boho and a t-shirt in white top, some skinny jeans in the ring with bangs with a t-shirt with prints subtle or a trend in denim with the play on two colours: denim blue or blue and orange. It is the best time of year to be creative.