Snoop Dogg warns Tekashi 6ix9ine: “Alejate of the way”


Snoop Dogg has issued a warning of ominous to Tekashi 6ix9ine after the polarizing figure in the rap launched several videos in their networks on may 15.

In one of them via Instagram (since deleted), the Doggfather tells 6ix9ine that essentially keep your name out of his mouth.

“The last time you said something, I didn’t have time,” he said with a threatening tone.

But today I have the time. It will be best that you get out of my line, black. Rat boy, it is best to leave me alone. I am not the indicated. In any way

“Go and do your shit and get out of my way, bitch. You head dog Funky rainbow, bitch head, dog. If you do, Better leave the Dogg alone. Go get you a cat. Tom and Jerry cagan. Fuck with the Dogg, nothing nice, bitch. Child rat”.

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6ix9ine it didn’t take long in returning fire. In the comments section, he stated that he had paperwork that proves that Snoop was a “informant / snitch”.

“Still has not denied the paperwork”, he wrote. “Leave me alone, ‘these are blowing my lid”.

The exchange began when 6ix9ine, who earned the nickname dd “Snitch9ine” while he was incarcerated, he shared a video of himself eating something and watching a documentary Suge Knight where the former CEO of Death Row Records insinuates that Snoop was once an informant.

At the time, Knight says the word “rat, 6ix9ine turns towards the camera with an expression of surprise on his face.

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To put an end to any speculation, Snoop concluded his comment by stating that he had never criticized Knight.

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“N**** know that we don’t have anything to do with knight,” said the rapper double G Snoop Dogg in Instagram, while claiming again that now if you have the time” to threaten to Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Recently Tekashi 6ix9ine she launched her first single after leaving prison for go to a home.