So that was the story of the “Batman v Superman” cancelled in 2002


He was close to becoming a reality long before that Zack Snyder enter on the scene. In the year 2016, Batman v Superman came to our lives. Despite the buzz created, the film starring Ben Afleck and Henry Cavill wasn’t flying as high as we all expected. Many defenders as detractors for a film long-awaited. Yes, fifteen years before we were at the gates of the two great icons of DC to join forces on the big screen.

A few days ago, the screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (Batman Foreverexplained in an interview to Collider that, back in the year 2001, Warner commissioned a libretto for Batman v Superman. The film would have to Wolfgang Petersen (The never ending Story) as a director. What the elected to the police force? As Colin Farrell I was going to be Batman, while Jude Law would interpret Superman.

Many interesting details about the Batman v Superman that never was and now we know even his argument.

I wrote a first version of Batman v Superman. The tape was going to be one of the darkest of the genre. It began with the funeral of Alfred. After Bruce falls in love and unwillingness to remain Batmanbut the Joker kills his wife. Then we discovered that this relationship had been a farce organized by the villain to destroy Bruce. They were times in which you could collect these stories into a script, but then it was complicated they became reality. I had a lot of The World’s Finestin a way dark and interesting”. This we got lost.