So would look like Anna Kendrick as Robin from The Batman



The turn of events is a reality. If very recently it was a fact that Asa Butterfield would be chosen ara to become the Robin of The Batman, now all eyes point to the figure of Anna Kendrick.

It is true that his name had been rumored on several occasions, but these last few days there is talk of another thing. It is well known by all that the stunning actress has a close friendship with Ben Affleck, the writer, director and star of the new film by the Man-Bat solo. But what has really finished by shooting the speculation has been the photography that Joe Manganiello (the Deathstroke and the villain of the movie), published in his account of Instagram accompanied by Kendrick. In the same added the text “Deathstrocke and Robin” feeding what already seems to be a secret.

In such a situation, the fans have not been slow to react. Despite the fact that there is nothing confirmed, an image fanart already, it has presented the appearance which would look like a version of Robin, played by. What do you think?