– so you can get in shape by following your training

Margot Robbie has fallen in love with his sense of humour and his gifts as an actress, but also with your style and your body. Next to the personal trainer, Andie Heckerthe actress follows a rigorous training thanks to which managed to get in shape for roles like that of ‘I, Tonya’ or ‘suicide Squad’.

Andie Hecker is a trainer of Ballet Fit, discipline of which we have spoken on other occasions. It joins the work of classical dance with fitness. And, though it may sound to light training, the reality is that they are exercises demanding who are looking to get the best of us. In fact, there are few celebrities devoted to this discipline: Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr, and even Victoria Beckham have also surrendered to their charms.

Ballet Fit: the training of the celebrities

In the case of Robbie, her coach had as the actress trained with her for five days a week and especially intense when you are preparing a role. So much so that you can get to do workouts of between two and three hours. It is not surprising, therefore, that you look amazing and toned figure that looks.

And that is, indeed, one of the things that will get following a workout Ballet Fit is to tone our whole body. We will also improve our posture, we will work intensively the core, gain flexibility, and our body will be more stable.

In general, the classes Ballet Fit consist of a 50-minute workout divided into three phases: Ballet Barre, Cardio Ballet and Floor Ballet. In addition, Margot Robbie includes 100 squats a day in your training so you get to increase the strengthening your legs and core.

Workouts complementary

In addition to this, with Hecker, Robbie also performs a complete workout of Pilates. It also includes routine exercise routines, weight lifting, swimming, and when can you lance how to surf. The actress is a sportsman’s very full, but we can start to mimic your workout with these dance routines.

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