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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are going to be parents we have known since February, when contacted with your family and friends to give them the great news. Something that was echoed by the u.s. media and what marriage preferred not to speak publicly. However, since a few months have passed and the state of pregnancy is already evident in the body of the actress of 24 years. During a ride, to which they have come out with masks due to the crisis of the coronavirus, have been photographed and images have been around the world. There’s a new Jonas on the way.

Shortly after that several mutual friends were present, Turner and her husband started to come out in 2016, and announced their engagement the following year. However, not formalized until a few months ago due to their hectic agendas. He was immersed in the tour of your group DNCE, in addition to prepare the return of the Jonas Brothers, while she was filming the last season of Game of thrones.

Even though the wait became long, finally celebrated two weddings. The first was held in may of 2019, in Las Vegas, with a ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator Presley, as usual in this american city. A celebration very colourful, in which the bride and groom exchanged rings of candy and posed with a Cadillac pink of the fifties. In contrast, the second link was more formal and in a setting more idyllic. The couple chose to this day with their family and closest friends at the Chateau Tourreau, in Provence, south of France, a castle in 1612. After, went on honeymoon to the Maldives, where they enjoyed boat rides and idyllic beaches in a luxurious resort.

That same year marked the end of an era for Turner. In may, it issued the final episode of the HBO series that catapulted him to fame. Eight seasons that saw the growth of her character, Sansa Stark, and she herself, as it was selected in the casting with only 13 years old. During the whole of his adolescence and part of his youth has been devoted to this project of great success; their first job. Almost a decade on the side of actors such as Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams and Kit Harington. With the latter she starred in one of the most emotional moments of the Emmy awards held last September: a hug that I remembered at the reunion of their characters in the plot.

The actress has been sharing the series with other projects as there was a gap in the entertainment industry. Her film debut was in the hand of the director-Spanish Isabel Coixet with My other I. As of 2015, joined to the films of the saga X-Men, where she played the Phoenix Dark.

Their growing media exposure, has brought with it a depression that he suffers from six years ago, he told Turner during an interview in a podcast in the past year. The negative comments and “the scrutiny of social networks”, in which some users insulted him for having gained weight in puberty, he had been affected. It was helped by the therapy, but also her relationship with Joe Jonas. “Now I want to myself, or more than before, I think. I don’t think I want much, but I’m with someone that helps me to realize that I do have some positive qualities, I guess,” he explained. “When someone tells you every day that you want, makes you to think of the reasons why you want to and also love you a little more to yourself. So yes, I want”.

There was also a realizing that you had a different life to the people of his age. Suffered to be alone when his companions started to go to the university and to leave their houses while she was still living with his parents and working. In fact, told them that I did not want to see their friends, stay with them: “Just cried and cried and I thought: ‘I can Not leave. I don’t want to do anything”. Your participation in the series loved it, but had to pay a high price for it.

A work for which she charged three times less than Kit Harington, who embodied to Jon Snow. Something that Turner denied that he was sexist because it was considered that the role of his partner had more relevance in the fiction. In fact, unlike many, has always considered Game of thrones it is a feminist series. “It is based in some aspects on the war of the Two Roses, and, as it is based in that time, we have to respect the social boundaries of the patriarchate of then to be more realistic. But the women in the series have broken with that. Have as much power as the men,” he said to THE COUNTRY in 2016.

For the moment, have no project on its agenda. Turner has revealed on a few occasions that at the end of Game of Thrones he intended to take a good season of rest. After the series had only two more projects and is pending for the premiere of a third party.

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