Star of “All That” she played Justin Bieber in a parody of “Yummy”


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Kate Godfrey, star of “All That”, she played the Justin Bieber in the episode of 16 may, the series of sketches of Nickelodeon. The actress starred in a parody music video of the hit song of the canadian, “Yummy“. The version takes place in a school cafeteria. Some of the lyrics have been changed, to make laugh to all the audience.

Kate looks exactly like Justin, complete with a wig bright pink and a sweatshirt to the game. “I was so excited. I really love to play those guys because I can make decisions that you could ever take with any of my other characters. I was excited to see what the writers had planned,” said the actress who had to watch the original video “so many times in order to study their movements and facial expressions”.

The 16-year-old revealed, “I Saw his interviews, performances, and their dancing. I had to make sure that my actions are not to be too feminine because that is all that I know”. Also ensures that his favorite part was “how nice and helpful were the dancers. It had a good vibe! It was fun to laugh with them. I also loved doing the dance”.

Kate already has an idea for another parody video of Justin Bieber that you might do in the future. “The writers of All That never cease to amaze me, so I would have to see what they have in mind. Perhaps Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, played by Nathan Janak, could make a parody of the new song they have just launched”.

For his part, Justin Bieber enjoys the time in quarantine, accompanied by his family. The singer has been sharing their new hobbies in social networks. From dancing to TikTok, as to teach his brother Jaxon to BMX riding, and encourage your small sister to be an amazing woman. She also leads the program ” the Biebers on Facebook Watch, with his wife, Hailey Baldwin.