Tekashi 69: Can disappear after testifying against the Crips?


The rapper Tekashi. (Jefferson Siegel/The New York Times)
The rapper Tekashi. (Jefferson Siegel/The New York Times)

NEW YORK — For three days short in September, the rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was dedicated again to what you do best: cause a commotion in the internet. Aside from his distinctive personality as a stirrer professional celebrity Instagram became a star witness for the federal government, and testified in detail about colleagues rappers and their expandilla, the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

But when 6ix9ine —whose first name is Daniel Hernandez— down on the bench of witnesses Thursday, started facing an uncertain future.

The debacle has virtually destroyed the credibility of Hernandez in the rap, the environment in which other artists have branded a “snitch”. Your safety is just as uncertain; historically, the gang of Nine Trey has not received willingly the betrayals, and has already threatened to assassinate him.

“I knew that I would become a target,” he told the court. “I know you were going to try to hurt me”.

The rapper helped the authorities of Manhattan (Photo: AP)
The rapper helped the authorities of Manhattan (Photo: AP)

Hernandez was in court to testify against their former close friends, Anthony Ellison, 31 years old, and Aljermiah Mack, 33, in an extensive case related to organized crime and the gun that prosecutors presented against the gang last year. For hours last week, Hernandez was narrated to the jury the inner workings of Nine Trey, a gang of convicts that formed in Rikers Island in the 1990s.

By doing so, the rapper may have ended up with any good will remaining to feel for him in the industry of rap, because it has become a joke and a pariah, the object of insults, intense on-line by their former colleagues, who expressed surprise by the amount of information that Hernandez has provided.

Artists such as Snoop Dogg, Future, and Lil Durk shared memes or words acrimonious, with those who rated 6ix9ine whistleblower; Meek Mill wrote, for example: “the message of The day is don’t be a gangster on the internet… you know yourself!”.

Minya Oh, better known as Miss Info, founder of the news web site of hip-hop MissInfo.tv and exconductora of the radio station dedicated to rap Hot 97 in New York, said that the history of 6ix9ine was a “tragi-Greek mixed with a soap opera”, and predicted it would face a dilemma complex after being released: there would be more curiosity than ever before but, within the community of hip-hop, is also receiving a great animosity.

(Jefferson Siegel/The New York Times)
(Jefferson Siegel/The New York Times)

“In the economy of attention, just know that 6ix9ine maybe open the mouth in any place is like reaching certified platinum sales,” he said. “But no one who is valued will support. That’s why you should exist in a vacuum and not be able to leave your house. All of that are things that an artist can afford to in 2019 and beyond.”

The record companies would be reluctant to allow the artists to work with him, he added Oh, “but all believe that, when he gets out of jail, it will be a great attraction.”

Hernandez pleaded guilty in January of criminal offences related to organized crime and eight counts most. Faces a minimum of 47 years in prison. If their cooperation is successful, prosecutors agreed earlier this year that would create a sentence less severe.

Its usefulness as an informant has an expiration date inevitable. It is expected that the trial of Ellison and Mack to be completed in a matter of days, and it is unclear if Hernandez will take the stand in any other possible judgment resulting from the case of the government against Nine Trey.

The rapper did not hesitate to disclose everything that he knows about the circle of the gang (Photo: Twitter)
The rapper did not hesitate to disclose everything that he knows about the circle of the gang (Photo: Twitter)

Prosecutors have pointed out that it might be part of the program of protection of witnesses.

A decision like this would not be unprecedented. The government has relocated and successfully protected witnesses in high-profile in the past; the gangsters have begun a new life as owners of bakeries and murderers reformed have found new careers as sellers of dolls, said two exagentes federal police.

“Despite how connected we are, and the appetite for the content in the social networks of this country, there are places in which, if this guy cut his hair and wears normal clothes, nobody would know or mind who it is,” said Jay Kramer, exfuncionario of the FBI who worked on cases related to organized crime.

There is almost nothing in the background of Hernandez that suggest your ability to be discreet, and it is unlikely that the Marshals Service of the united States, who heads the witness protection program, to pay for the laser treatment to remove tattoos distinctive of the face of Hernandez.

The rapper, whose hair dyed with the colors of the rainbow now has recovered its tone, natural black, was transformed into a narrator aware and careful on the court. He made frequent pauses to traducirle the jargon street to the jury, and during some moments it showed charmingly naive, because I asked the lawyers to explain complicated words and clarify questions.

What Hernandez has done in prison because of his affiliation with the Nine Trey is less surprising that their reinvention as an informant.

The rapper faced his third day of testimony (Photo: Twitter)
The rapper faced his third day of testimony (Photo: Twitter)

The native of Bushwick was associated with the gang in 2017, he said, after his first international tour, in eastern Europe. At that time, his strange mix of heavy metal and hip-hop was confusing —and attractive— in the world of rap.

However, his style changed dramatically that year, when he returned to Brooklyn and was associated with the gang Nine Trey. Her first single, successful “GUMMO”, a creditor of a recognition multi-platinum, counted with the participation of several alleged members of the Nine Trey in the music video, which became viral.

“That was what he liked to the people,” he said of the affiliation with the gang. “It was just a formula, a recipe that worked.”

Hernandez, who had amassed a gigantic number of followers on the internet, it became a sort of goose that lays the golden eggs for the leaders of Nine Trey, he said, including Ellison and Kifano (Shotti) Jordan. Both raised tens of thousands of dollars by the actions of Hernandez, ” he said.

Jordan pleaded guilty to federal charges of possession of firearms this year in connection with the case, and was sentenced to fifteen years in prison.

The return of Hernandez turned in an item coveted of the hierarchy of Nine Trey, prosecutors said. Ellison and Jordan began to bicker with regard to the control of the career of the rapper, a situation that culminated in the alleged kidnapping and robbery of Hernandez by Ellison last summer.

“I begged him,” Hernandez said about the incident. “I said, ‘Hey, I’m scared. I have a daughter. My daughter is 3 years old and is waiting for me at home.’”

The alleged kidnapping, which received a lot of news coverage at that time, it would be the detonator which revealed the Hernandez case. For November, was identified publicly for Nine Trey.

“I was tired of the extortion,” he said.

His repudiation was so important that the gang began to talk of how to punish Hernandez for his lack of loyalty, according to information obtained from the telephone recordings. The threats were considered credible, and officers of the FBI visited Hernandez to provide protection, which he refused.

Days later, Hernandez and eleven other alleged members of the Nine Trey were arrested and charged in the sprawling case of organized crime and possession of firearms.

Twenty-four hours later, Hernandez accepted the offer from the FBI. Agreed to testify against his former gang.

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