The challenge that Kylie Jenner proposed to his daughter Stormi and relented to their fans: “Oh my God, my baby!”


To Kylie Jenner it occurred to him to test his baby girl Stormi and, without being aware of it, filmed the challenge. He approached the girl a huge bowl of chocolates and told her that she could eat three of them with one condition: that you wait for it to come back.

Her mom hid her phone, that was the situation, then see if the babe had kept his promise. Stormi looked at the chocolates, and, far from betraying the confidence of his mom, he would say: “Patience, patience”.

When Kylie returned, the girl told him that he had expected. Her mom left her to eat three chocolates and then shared the sweet clip.

“Oh my God, my baby!”, said, super proud of his little girl.

What more tender to the users? Baby to repeat “patience” in a loud voice while he looked at the sweets.