The daughter of Salma Hayek wears Gucci and surprised with their expensive style


Salma Hayek it is characterized by using the costumes most exclusive events in the fashion and film to those who attend frequently, to be one of the best dressed in the world of the show.

It is not strange to see her with tennis Balenciaga, leather bags Bottega Veneta dresses and Gucci. But it is not the only one who wears looks expensive, his daughter Valentina Paloma has also learned how to use them.

The actress, 53 years old, is married to French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, with whom she had her only daughter Valentina Paloma, who protects the media.

The expensive look Gucci the daughter of Salma Hayek

Are counted the occasions in which he has carried your daughter to fashion events because we do not like to expose it, but the occasion most recent in which he did it was in a fashion show of Gucci in February 2019.

The event, Valentina Paloma was accompanied by their famous parents, leaving to see what that big its 11 years. Will comply with the 12 on the 21st of September.

The girl used a sweater pink Gucci with initials, marked in pink, valued at one thousand dollars, equivalent to 23 thousand 500 pesos mexican.

salma hayek Gucci

If this were not enough, he completed the look with tennis shoes also Gucci decorated with crystals, the cost of which may rise to 30 thousand pesos.

salma hayek Gucci

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