The “gift” of NASA to Britney Spears for “Oops!… I did it again”

Time flies and it has happened to one of the most commercially successful albums of the pop culture, “Oops!… I Did It Again”as Saturday turned 20 years old and the singer Britney Spears what he shared with his fans, but not only them were called as also the NASA it was convened.

The also singer of “Toxic” he recalled through his Twitter account that it had been two decades of the song that became one of his subjects for reference and that catapulted his fame in 2000.

To do so evoked in a fun way with the video of the song that gives name to the disc, where it is in space and has contact with an astronaut.

“Hey, NASA… I got your gift. I know that 20 years have passed since we met in Mars and I just wanted to say… oh, aww, you had not bothered!! I have fun up there., NASAPersevere!”.

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This provoked the reaction of thousands of his fans, who commented, or gave me like the publication of the “Princess of Pop”, but of whom less expected was the answer of the Space agency the Aeronautics and Spacebecause through the Twitter account of the mission Perseverance sent you a cheerful comment to the american.

“Yes! I am packed and almost ready to fly in July, landing on Mars next February. Gather rocks for a future mission to send back, but you know that I went down there and got it for you”, he replied.

The response was very well received by the fans of Britney Spears, because he gave a good impulse to the publication of the Perseverance, where a gif showing how to stop some rocks.

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Published in October of 2009 on YouTube, the video for “Oops!… I Did It Again” has more than 285 million views and yesterday, the day he turned 20 years, he has received many comments where they were amazed with the anniversary that had the song.

In this clip shows how an astronaut arrives at the Red Planet, and in his exploration is that it is Britney Spears, which consequently appears as the “Princess of Pop” by making displays of their spectacle of song and dance.