The routine of pilates to belly that follows Miley Cyrus


miley cyrus pilates routine abdomen
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Miley Cyrus is known for her beauty, great talent as a singer and compositira, in addition to its statuesque figure that steals the sighs of more than one.


That is why, his fans are wondering what is your secret to have that figure like that, and the answer is in two main aspects.

The first is a vegan diet balanced, which follows from some years.

The second is your exercise routine based on the system of pilates Winsor, as revealed to Daily Mail.


This system was created by the guru of pilates, Mari Wonsor, at the end of the 70’s. The routines are based on the contraction of the abdominal muscles, for a greater focus on the core.


Wilson was working different routines with Miley and one of them is called Abs 100. This consists of 20 minutes of continuous work that will leave you exhausted, but with a abdomen with an incredible force.

Stand up, lift your legs together to form an L with your body and start to move your hands up and down. You must take in this posture for a minute.

This is followed by a minute of roll-ups. This requires that you recuestes face up, with hands and feet stretched out. From there you begin to climb using the strength of your abdomen, to reach the tips of the feet. He returns with a smooth, controlled motion.

Still with a twist of the hip, with the knees flexed and the trunk raised to 45 degrees. She raises her hands to the front and hold for a count of eight.

Immediately turn left, to return to endure the same time on the previous position. Alternate to the other side.

Continues with arrows, that is to say, stretch one leg at 45 degrees to the sky as you bring your knee to the chest. Returns and alternates with the other side.

Follow with a hollow. To keep your legs and arms stretched, contract the abdomen and hold your thighs with the hands. Again repeat 10 times.

Then, alternate the legs in the sky like if you were in a swimming pool. You try to lift the left-hand side and tap with the right hand, and vice versa. Repeat 10 times per leg.

The following exercises will be some alternate versions of the roll-ups that you did at the beginning, but this time you’ll have to lift the legs fully flexed or lower the front all you can at the time of upload. You will end up with stretch in the position of child for 30 seconds.

It is time for a rest, you’ve earned it. What did you think of the routine? What would you attempt in your house?

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