The saga ‘Transformers’ plans to expand more with two new movies


‘Transformers’, one of the sagas of action more successful of the history the filmprepares an expansion more as there are in up plans for two new movies, reported this Tuesday, January 28, 2020 american media.

On the one hand, the Paramount theatre he hired the screenwriter James Vanderbilt to type one of those two continuations. The career of Vanderbilt includes tapes such as ‘Zodiac’ (2007), the two movies of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ (premiered in 2012 and 2014) and “Murder Mystery” (2019).

The second project up for ‘Transformers’ will have the signature of the writer Joby Haroldwho wrote ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ (2017), and that this 2020 released the tape ‘Army of the Dead’ that led Zack Snyder.

For now not officially confirmed details of the frames of these two movies or what actors and directors could be involved in the same.

This saga, driven by the ever spectacular director Michael Bay and that already has six movies to his credit, raised all over the world almost USD 5 000 million.

Video: YouTube, note: Trailers In Spanish

‘Transformers’ (2007) gave the kick output to these movies that, by 2018, they had their last delivery to date, ‘Bumblebee’.

Presented as a ‘spin-off’ (tape-derived), ‘Bumblebee’ was a refreshing novelty to a saga that slumbered beneath the earth in the cinemas but it received negative criticism on the part of the press.

The young Hailee Steinfeld led the delivery of that tape that seduced fans and the critical with an inspired mix of adventures in the eighties, humor juvenile and cinema-style action ‘Transformers’.

“Obviously we were aware the fact that we were doing a movie in a saga that is huge. And it is an honor. But gave us also the opportunity to create our own history“explained Steinfeld in an interview with EFE in December 2018.

“‘Bumblebee’ it is a more intimate movie in the world like this huge saga. I owe a lot to the director Travis Knight: the make me feel like home and not feel the pressure nothing more than for myself”, he added then.