The situation that led to Chris Hemsworth to want to get away from the action | People | Entertainment

We know of the fame of Chris Hemsworth and what has been achieved in the cinema, however, it has not all been positive in their way to fame. Although it is difficult to believe, it was very close to abandon his career and move away from Hollywood.

After you have taken a big leap to the big screen with Star Trekin 2009, australian actor believed that the proposals for new characters soon were abundant, but it was not precisely what happened.

Following his success in that film, the interpreter, had not received new offers to act for a long time, that led him to analyze the possibility of moving away from the action. The desire to be able to help his family financially was what motivated him to keep.

“I was about to give up. I always wanted to act, and one of the first things I wanted to do when he received money was to pay for the house of my parents”, he said. “I asked dad once when he thought that it would pay and said: “Honestly, probably never”. The majority of people were expecting my failure and I wanted to change that. So I was very active with auditions”.

Hemsworth explained to an australian magazine that for approximately eight months it has not received any offer, which became eager “to the point of not being able to harness that energy”.

He added that he had to increase his mental strength to be able to face this situation and come out ahead. “I was trying to convince me that I was not nervous before the auditions instead of grab him and say: “use it, increases your awareness here, sharpens your concentration””. What comes after that, what we know or have seen in the cinema. (E)