Training Murph: the brutal routine of CrossFit with put grips John Krasinski and Chris Pratt


Have you ever heard talk about the workout Murph, or Murphy? Is among the most searched on the internet and it is not for less, with 4 exercises work the entire body as few times in life you will have made.

The training Murph, in fact, it is followed by celebrities who have had to get in shape for movies very demanding. That was the case Chris Pratt with Zero Dark Thirty and Guardians of the Galaxy and John Krasinski with 13 Hours and Jack Ryan.

Both actors were known for their roles in sitcoms where their characters were not superheroes or spies or military with bodies muscled. That’s why when they passed the genre of action and to give life to people with military training, they had to transform their bodies. And this they did with the workout Murph.

Coincidentally these exercises of Crossfit it can consider virtually a military training, in fact its original name was The Armor, but was changed to Training Murph in tribute to the american soldier called Michael Murphy, fallen in Afghanistan in 2005.

The training Murph it was one of their favorites and it is also one of the toughest in the world. Because even though you only have to follow 4 exercises, the intensity is brutal andn each one of them and since then not everyone can deliver them.

What is the workout Murph

  • Run 1600 m (1 mile)

  • 100 Chin-ups

  • 200 Push-ups

  • 300 Squats

  • Run 1600 m (1 mile)

In theory it seems not too complicated, but the practice is very different. Many have created challenges on the internet to see if they were able to do the workout Murph for a month and most has fallen in the attempt.

Yes, seeing the results of Chris Pratt and John Krasinski, the effort clearly has its reward.

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