Well sounds ‘Stuck With U’ Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber in Spanish | Music


Without a doubt, the collaboration of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber it has been one of the big surprises of the season. These are two of the artists most followed in the world and bring the theme together was a matter of time. Especially taking into account that share manager: Scooter Braun (he himself has an open war with Taylor Swift because the rights of the songs of the artist).

Well, now, in full quarantine, Justin and Ariana have joined their voices to launch Stuck With U. Best of all is that the theme, that in only a week totaled more than 40 million views on Youtube, aims to raise funds for the schooling of children affected by the crisis of the COVID19. In addition, in the video clip we can see many cameos of famous passing the quarantine.

Now, thanks to the youtubers and singers Carla Laubalo and Leandro Red we were able to enjoy a Spanish-language version of Stuck With U. And we have to recognize that the adaptation of the lyrics could not be better.

“So you see, me crazy your mouth. Sedúceme, since there is no other that. Be here next to you, next to you, to Be next to you, next to you”, it says in the chorus.

We have to recognize that the timbres of the voices of Carla and Leandro are a lot like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. The video, which has been recorded from his home, has managed to position itself in trends of Youtube in the first 24 hours of life. Nothing wrong!

In the channel of Carla Laubalo, where a sum almost one and a half million subscribers, the artist shares a few of the versions of known songs as medleys of the themes of Frozen or Aladín.

For his part, Leandro is part of the music group Arctic, that has released two singles so far: Walls of glass and Already do not ask for forgiveness.