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The audition process to play a Marvel character is something quite tiring. Franchises like X-Men have a large number of followers and, if you take a wrong decision, the people would not contain his criticism in this regard. In the case of the hearing of Nicholas Hoult, who is known for playing ‘Beast’there was a detail that decided everything.

In an interview that was conducted by video call, thanks to the GQ magazinebefore , he had been asked the actor about their iconic characters in the film, recalling that the famous 30 years of age was demonstrated to be an artist is multifaceted, able to interpret all kinds of roles; something that other well-known actors such as Johnny Depp are also to be commended.

Nicholas Hoult

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“The only thing strange that I remember is hearing that Matthew Vaughn asked me to do a couple of shots with an american accent by watching the character. But also asked me to do an imitation of Stewie Griffin of Family Guy. He had seen enough Family Guy in my teens while growing up, so I thought: ‘Ok, I think I have a very good impression of Stewie Griffin was in-line’. And then I made a complete version of the decision as Stewie Griffin and I sent it. So, maybe that helped me get the role? I don’t know.”, he expressed the actor.

Nicholas Hoult

X-Men: First Class it was a fundamental role for the actor, and he repeated the role in three sequels that would throw themselves for almost a decade. Nicholas Hoult he had just turned twenty years old when he began the franchise, and the cast became a family. Hoult even went out with her co-cast blue, Jennifer Lawrence, for four years during the experience. Apparently, it was not so uncomfortable after that broke off and continued making films together as a couple on screen.