Yuliett Towers are positioned in such a way impossible for the photo…

When the mexican Yuliett Towers he proposes, it is capable of taking photos that captivate millions of fans. And in the last photo you have uploaded to Instagram, the of Jalisco, has done it again. It is true that these christmas Yuliett has been very active in the social network par excellence of the moment but it is also true that this last snapshot has been that more has fallen in love with the staff.

In the picture you can see a Yuliett Towers that looks at the camera with a rouged face that captures the gaze of anyone who looks at the photo. His black eyes shadowed and her features perfect, passed safety and desire to the man who looks in the face of Yuliett. Leaning on the window and the body virtually giving the back to the cameramaintains a perfect angle to see her butt sticking out and allowing you to practically lay a cup on the lower part of your back due to the large size of their buttocks.

The dress chosen for the occasion is of leopard, aggressive, sexy and very tight to your body. We don’t know who would do it after the photo the good of Yuliett, but what is clear is that those who look at it, after seeing the photo, will come a willingness to be in that room along with the mexican sharing the evening.

The mexican, model and influencer on IG, it already has nearly 5 million followers, and it is becoming one of the girls more codiazadas for brands that want to advertise on this popular social network. Sometimes appearing with other models and friends as it happened just a few days ago appearing next to Marian Francobut usually it alone is enough to delight anyone that looks at her.

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