Zac Efron, fans, relive your love for the actor in High School Musical



One of the actors who most captivated in his stage as a teenager I was Zac Efron, who once again left awestruck her followers to reappear in the trilogy of the films that made him famous “High School Musical”.

Fans from all over the world live in love the american actor, and the fact to see you again in your stage as a teenager, ruffled again her hormones.

It quickly became a trend with the news that would get out of the marathon High Schoolhence by becoming a trend, the film immediately made it also the protagonist.

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To date, Efron has not abandoned the place which puts him as the favourite of many girls since their participation in “High School Musical”, the movie Disney where she played the leading role as Troy Bolton.

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Despite the fact that now the actor has matured so well, he is still causing a stir among their fans with each one of their performances and wearing a long time a prominent stature for himself to make quite exercise.

However from time to time the date was harshly criticized on social networks because of the increased weight, it seems that it is something like a sin for an actor or actress the excessive weight gain as his fans sometimes tend not to have as much leniency with this subject.

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At the end of the day only we are human and in special circumstances we may win, or gain weight, only that there are those who do not accept it and will take to bad a celebrity do so because they are considered immune to this.

“I want to see high school musical, sing it, to see Zac Efron and be happy. And forget this disgrace,” commented @sofiavalera a user on Twitter.

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There is No doubt that if in some years they pass back the trilogy in mention Zac Efron will be a trend and we’ll remember your stage attractive teenager.

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