Zac Efron was on the verge of death: what is typhoid fever


The travelers are lovers of adventures and paradisiacal destinations. However, to undertake a journey it is important to take certain precautions. Information on which diseases are the most common and what vaccines should be applied is one of the most frequently asked questions that passengers are taken to their primary care physicians before you go in this direction given.

This week, social networks were very active because it was announced that Zac Efron had to be hospitalized urgently for contracting a lethal infection while filming a reality show in Papua New Guinea (located to the southwest of the Pacific Ocean).

The actor of 32 years is the protagonist of the tv program called “Killing Zac Efron” (Killing Zac Efron). The issue is about expeditions that will last 21 days and where the star will be completely isolated walking through a dangerous island in the region. Reportedly, during the filming he became ill product of a bacterium known as Salmonella Typhi, which entered his body and caused him to typhoid fever. This infection can be lethal if not treated quickly and is usually contracted by ingesting contaminated food or water.

After the diagnosis, was rushed in a flight health care with destination to Brisbane (Australia). Come to the city, placed in the private hospital St. Andrew’s War Memorial, provided medical assistance and were able to stabilize it.

What is typhoid fever

“It is a common disease that is often transmitted by the water, there is even a specific vaccine that is applied to prevent it”, he explained to the media With well-being Ricardo Teijeiro (M. N. 58065), specialist doctor in infectious diseases and a member of the Argentina Society of infectious diseases.

The doctor notes that the young man would not have been vaccinated since that is an infection that is preventable. “If you travel to areas of risk you have to take certain precautions. There are antibiotics for this type of microbe depends on the time of diagnosis to act faster and more efficiently with the treatment,” he argues.


Before a traveller is directed to an area of risk, it is important that you consult a specialist to ask what precautions you should take or which vaccines should be applied as this type of disease can be avoid.

It is best not to drink water that is not potable, and if out of irrigation or rain, it must be boiled or clorarla to avoid a possible disadvantage.

“The groups of risk are children and older adults because their immune system is more vulnerable. In contrast, a middle age person is defending much better,” says Teijeiro.

The symptoms are common to various infectious diseases, and trafficking of fever, vomiting, stomach pain and intestinal distress, diarrhea, malaise, and dehydration. “In the case of infants, typhoid fever is serious because it may not recover so quickly the fluid you lost, that’s why hydration is key for treatment,” concludes the doctor.

Fortunately, He was discharged and could return to the united States to spend the holidays and ring in the new year surrounded by family and loved ones. The few days spent recording the reality of adventures, he did so in the company of a tour guide native to the region called Cyril Tara.