Ana de Armas and Kate Beckinsale are proof that there is that a rethink of the rule of the age in the love


When we allow ourselves to be carried by the emotions and put it in neutral rationality, appear all the contradictions, biases and paradoxes that characterize the constantly changing our opinions. It is inevitable: we are human, and our brains they are super sensitive to all kinds of stimuli and circumstances. From there you select as many mechanisms of defense when something is novel, different, or strange: it puts us after appropriate notice. In the issue that we have between hands, couples with much age difference, the bias is evident. It still seems to us the most normal the female member of the couple is very young, while the men will double or triple the years. However, when a woman of 40 or 50 years comes out with a much younger guy, it triggers disgust. What we are seeing right now with Ana de Armas yBen Affleck in contraposicón with Kate Beckinsale, and his recent bride and groom, Peter Davidson and the singer Goody Grace, both in our early twenties.

The singer Goody Grace is the &number;last veintea&bath;but we have vistocon Kate Beckinsale, 46 to&years.

The singer Goody Grace is the last twentysomething that we have vistocon Kate Beckinsale, of 46 years.

It is enough to see some programs ‘First Dates’ in television to realize that the age continues to be a central factor when looking for a partner. In many cases, what is sought is someone with a similar age to the experiences and expectations of life to resemble as much as possible and strengthen the compatibility. In other we see how true sexism invites you to seek couples much younger (them) or older (them), to reinforce the old hierarchy of age of the couple is traditional, in which he plays the role of the wise protector and she, the protected. However, the growing diversity of forms of life is making many older people prefer to continue a life style of youth (and, therefore, seek that energy in their partners), and that young people may prefer, for any reason, the security to the adventure. Why be weighed down so much with age, if what we really seek has more to do with the lifestyle?

Ana de Armas, 32-a&bath;os, along with Ben Affleck, 47, and her dog Elvis.

Ana de Armas, of 32 years, along with Ben Affleck, 47, and her dog Elvis.

“I see constantly how men can do what it pleases, whether to buy a motorcycle, get a tattoo or go out with a younger person,” he explained bitterly Kate Beckinsale in a recent interview in the american edition ‘Women’s Health’. “People never question if they are going to have children, they will lay their head or why they have so many girlfriends.” The truth is that the actress has reason: it is more difficult for women to continue to wear a style of life of youth for men. And complained of something that has a lot of logic: “I like to go out. Do I really need to sit down at my home to wait for the menopause by doing crochet? To Me it seems ridiculous that to have fun after the age of 32, has become a risk for women.”