Britney Spears, the queen of the top 100 singles debut


The magazine specialized in music Rolling Stone published on Tuesday a list that ranked the Top 100 simple debut that have come on the market, and that leads into number one in the u.s. Britney Spears with the song “Baby One More Time”.

“The list that we have formed is very much inclined toward those ‘singles’ that became the foundations of great careers, although there are a couple of artists of a single success,” explains the environment in the introduction to the listing, which notes that no account has been taken of issues of figures that had been made famous in musical groups and later began a solo career.

Of “…Baby One More Time”, the experts say that it was “one of those manifestos of the pop that ushered in a new sound, a new era and a new century”, and described as “a statement that caused divisions, and that drew the line between the past and the future.”

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In the second place, the magazine highlights the “I Want You Back” of the Jackson 5, which says that “every moment is perfect”, from start to finish, and notes that “not only defined the 70s, but has summarized the essence of the joy of music since then.”

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The Sex Pistols and your “Anarchy in the U. K.” occupy the third place, a “single” whose first few seconds described as a “bulldozer that is heading straight to you”, and their first words, sounding “as if Lucifer had ascended from the underworld”. But even so, it is a song “very catchy and very funny”.

At the gates of the podium was Run-D. M. C and the song “Sucker M. C’s/ It’s Like That”, a melody “explosive” which took hip-hop to go from the nightclubs to the street, and that it was “the beginning of the golden age” of this genre of music.

For the fifth position, the magazine goes back in time, specifically to 1955, and retrieves the “Maybellene” of Chuck Berrythat classifies as the “hymn of the founder of the rock & roll” and a “revolutionary sound”.

Rounding out the top ten positions “Radio Free Europe” by R. E. M., “Good Times Bad Times” Led Zepellin, “That’s All Right” of Elvis Presley, “Blitzkrieg Bop” of The Ramonesand “Hand in Glove” of The Smiths.

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Among the 20 singles debut most-talked-about there are also experts of Rolling Stone to Taylor Swift and “Tim McGraw”, the recent bombing of Lil Nas X, “Old Town Road”, the “Through the Wire” from the rapper Kanye West and “Player’s Ball” of the duo of hip-hop Outkast.

Other myths of the music that are part of the list: The Eagles with “Take it Easy”, the Beatles with “Love Me Do”, Prince with “Soft and Wet”, Pearl Jam with “Alive”, The Doors with “Break on Through (to the Other Side)”, Metallica with “Whiplash”, Pink Floyd with “Arnold Layne”, Dire Straits with “Sultans of Swing” or Madonna with “Everybody”.

Representing the most recent generations, they sneak in the list Billie Eilish with “Ocean Eyes”, Lana del Rey with “Video Games”, Alicia Keys with “Fallin”, Lorde with “Royals” or One Direction with “What Makes You Beautiful”.