Did Demi Lovato just admit that Nick Jonas played with it?


Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas a couple of years ago were the best friends in the world but when in the wedding of a member of the Jonas Brothers, appeared not Demi, the speculation about a fight that did not take long, same for Demi has revived after confessing that with the unique of Disney with whom he keeps in contact with is Miley Cyrus, that leaves out Nick Jonas.

Above “Ruin the Friendship”, rose the most of rumors of a possible romance between Demi and Nick, well, until fans discovered that the beginnings of the verses of the song of Lovato it forms the word, Nick!


Now, this controversy re-emerged after it screened an alleged song from the new album of the ex of Joe Jonas, which has crumbled fans and, supposedly, found many references about her relationship with Nick.

I Czech!

“This ain’t no safe house” (This is not a shelter) – The record label of Demi and Nick is called Safehouse Records.

– “It was all good back when we were working for the big mouse” (Everything was fine when we worked for the big mouse) – what relates to your time in Disney?

– “We were best friends, family, and everything in-between. Never thought you’d be the enemy” (we Were best friends, family, and everything else. I never thought that you would be the enemy).

– “You ain’t no friend of mine, your love was a lie” (you are not my friend, your love was a lie).

– “You ain’t no friend of mine, you left me there to die” (you are not my friend, you left me there to die).

– “It was a sad day, when I realized that the loyalty was only going one way” (it Was a sad day when I realized that the only loyalty was in a sense).

– “Took you on the road, showed you some love, let you play me” (I took it on the road, I showed you a little love, you let him play with me) – do you remember when Nick was with Demi to your Future now tour?

– “This is our future now” (This is our future now) – “Future now” – what a tour!

– “Crashing down like an avalanche” (Crashing like an avalanche) – Demi and Nick have a collaboration called “Avalanche”

What intense! Do you think that if there was something more than friendship between Demi and Nick?