Does’Romance’, dedicated to Shawn Mendes? Thus responds Camila Hair


United States.- The famous singer and actress, Camila Hairreplied to one of his followers during a series of questions if their new album, “Romance“was dedicated his current partner, Shawn Mendes, what fell to their thousands of fans.

As is often done, Hair asks its fans that will ask me anything you want and she will respond with total honesty, so that one took advantage and asked him about his musical production and if it was addressed to someone in specific.

It’s about falling in love because that is the emotion that has dominated my life in recent years. Before the age of 20 years, I was in a long relationship with singleness. He did not speak with any guy, there was absolutely nothing,” he said.

As is known from the past month of July 2019, 8 months ago, that the creator of Shameless and Shawn began their relationship, although it was not until October that both formalized their courtship.

So you finally admitted that the love for your current partner had a lot to do with the creation of this album.

I had my first serious relationship, and that is what inspired me to start writing this album,” concluded Camila.