Greyhound, Tom Hanks, skip the box office and stays in Apple TV+


Greyhound is the film starring Tom Hanks inviting viewers to be part of the call Battle of the Atlantic, which bore the Allies against the powerful German submarines in the height of the Second World War. The film was scheduled to reach cinemas on the occasion of the Giving of the Fatherbut finally skip the box office: are you brand-new directly in the service-Apple TV+. This is the first great movement of buying from the Apple platform.

Greyhound not getting to the big screen

Apple desembols around 70 million dollars to stay with the debut stream of the film, surpassing as a bidding war with other great services. While Apple TV+ est far from being able to compete with Netflix, Disney+ or HBO in terms of subscribers, what is certain is that this is a giant step forward from the point of view of investment, for the platform to strengthen its catalogue.

Greyhoundfor its part , is based on the true story of the commander of the Navy of the united States Ernest Krause. Your mission is to lead a convoy international 37 boats allies, during the first days of participation of the united States in the conflict public. However, the German submarines not tardarn in chase Krause for the North Atlantic. Along with Hanks, we find Stephen Graham (The Irlands), Rob Morgan (The Last Black Man in San Francisco) and Elisabeth Shue (The Boys). Directed by Aaron Schneider (Get Low), the script runs from the hand of the own Hanks, basndose on the novel written by C. S. Forester.

70 million dollars have been for Apple to stay with Greyhound

It seems that this it is not the only movement we can expect from Apple: as indicated from Bloombergthe company you will be immersed in building a catalogue of programmes and films for their library. Though you have not mentioned ttulos specific, Apple is in discussions with several studies to acquire ttulos already produced. In this way, the company ventured to produce programs and films original as those that already form part of their service, where we find Dickinson with Hailee Steinfeld, Defending Jacob Chris Evans or The Shrink Next Door with Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd.

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