I single for the whole life! Halle Berry makes a stunning declaration About his future loving!


Halle Berry recently held a few statements that not only shocked all her fans but also liked all the single people currently and not looking for a relationship, as his words shocked everyone.

The actress american has decided to focus fully on your role as a parent and in her role as activist, leaving his film career in the background, much to the chagrin of their fans, the more die-hard.

“I’ve learned a lot through my son, are the people that want to live, it is my decision without a doubt. I have decided to take a break,” said one of the stars of the X-Men franchise.

However the celebrity yes he admitted that a few years ago if you wanted to start a new romantic adventure, but soon after realized that I had other priorities in his life.

“Before, it was one of those people who always wanted to be in a relationship, but I decided that it was time to put the brake on and give me a space,” said Halle Berry.

But the declaration of the personality that surprised all of us is that the singleness that keeps you from over 3 years ago it has fallen as well, considering staying so all his life.

“It has been so incredible that I’m considering to stay that way,” said the winning the Oscar Award in 2001, the time of your best peak as an actress regarding Hollywood.