In crossing indirect, Karol G spoke of false friends and Bad Bunny of hypocrites


From that Bad Bunny I pulled out the video ‘I Dirty Dancing Alone’many reggaeton felt about it, as the alleged comments by Karol G, and Anuel.

‘I dirty dancing Alone’ caused controversy because the puerto rican singer decided to dress up as a woman in order to exalt their rights, personificándola at all levels

In addition, had no problem in highlighting to the community of LGBTI, with its personification of a transgender woman.

Follow the alleged indirect between Karol G and Bad Bunny:

With the video, came out a few comments Anuel where he referred to those he considered as “friends” within the genus.

“You are rare… Fools and hypocrites”said reguetonero on that occasion, where he appointed several female singers, except a Bad Bunny, that’s why many followers of the singer of trap, they took it as a hint.

He also spoke of “the masks,” referring to the false and even referred to, supposedly, Bad Bunny “playing the transformers”.

It also came to light an alleged message Karol G, where he speaks of being a conservative woman, why not support the men who get implants.

Despite that stir, Karol came out to defend his image and to explain that these statements were of a fake profile.

Many thought that the problem was there, but a few new statements by Karol G, and Bad Bunny began to generate doubts.

The “bebecita” of reggaeton put a short message to refer to the “false friends”, apparently found annoying.

A few hours of that message on Twitter, the same Bad Bunny left other statements where he referred to people as hypocrites.

“There are always people that will love and others will hate it”were some of the phrases that you posted “the rabbit bad” in their social networks.

Until now not known with certainty if these messages are a kind of discussion among the interpreters of “Now he calls me”.

The only thing certain is that the comments are read in a tone that is ironic and quite annoying.