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Insult in such a way that the recipient of the grievance will not be offended has merit. Insult and make the victim break to laugh is an art within the reach of very few. But, if someone can do it, that is Jim Carrey. The actor (Canada, 1962) came a few days ago the british programme The show of Graham Norton to talk about his latest workSonic, the movie (in Spain it premiered on 14 February), and took the opportunity to vindicate the worth of Margot Robbie (Australia, 1990) as an actress by making use of the weapon that best handles, the humor. “I really wanted to talk to you because you are amazing and you have come very far, despite your obvious physical disadvantages. Really that means that you have a great talent,” said the australian, who was there presenting the movie Birds of prey (in cinemas Friday 7 February).

Before the words of Carrey, Robbie broke out in a laugh, showing that he understood the compliment that was hiding the joke of the protagonist of films such as The mask, The Truman show, Ace Ventura or Compulsive liar. The actress reached the popularity in 2014, at the age of 23, thanks to her role in The wolf of Wall Street and he came to confess in the program of Jimmy Kimmel that he spent a large part of the shoot without clothes. The role of Naomi Lapaglia, the immediately became a sex symbol, label six years after the chasing despite the fact that he has participated in over a dozen movies since then. In some of them, as I, Tonya or Mary, queen of Scotlandeven ugly appearance.

Moment in which Jim Carrey jokes about the appearance of Margot Robbie in ‘The show of Graham Norton’.

The gesture of Jim Carrey, however, has been misinterpreted by some users of Twitter who understood it as an offense. “To say that someone has come to the most high only for his physical is not good”; “it seems that Margot Robbie preferred to be anywhere else instead of holding on to Jim Carrey”; “should give an Oscar to Margot Robbie for playing that will make grace the words of Jim Carrey”, commented some of the people who were offended with the joke of the actor.

There were also those who understood the message that Carrey wanted to convey to the actress, who was no other than praise his talent as a performer. “Jim Carrey makes a compliment to a woman talented and the ignorant perpetually offended are losing their head”, defended a follower Jim Carrey.

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