Judge accepts testimony of ex-assistant of Amber Heard, the actress loses credibility in his conflict with Johnny Depp


The months elapse and the battle between Johnny Depp (The Young the Hands of Scissors – 91%, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79%, Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Grindelwald – 48%) and Amber Heard (Aquaman – 73%, The Girl Danish – 69 Per Cent One More Time – 48%) seem to have no end. A new report shares information about another reversal in the credibility of the actress; things are becoming more difficult for her and her career seems to go into a tailspin without that you can do something about it.

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Amber Heard it became a source of inspiration for many when years ago denounced Johnny Depp by domestic violence. His image of the woman survivor is lifted by the heavens, becoming an example to follow and serving as ambassador for various causes altruistic; it is worth mentioning that, the career also had a takeoff and had the opportunity of co-starring Aquamanone of the most successful films of the DCEU.

Through a letter to the magazine Porter in 2016, the actress joined the list of women who have complained of gender-based violence and for a time enjoyed acceptance and love among the public, but this would not last. At the beginning of 2019, Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit against her for defamation, asking for a compensation of US$ 50 million; since then things have not united well for the actress.

When Amber Heard accused Depp of domestic violence, the race of the actor suffered a blow very hard, and few studies are inclined to hire you. But the star prepared his counterattack, and in these moments you have to his ex-wife against the ropes. During the last few months have emerged various elements that put completely into question the testimony of the actress: audios in which insults her former husband, testimonials from stars and other relatives defending Johnnythe rumors about the falsification of evidence against him, and so on. On this occasion adds another drawback to its extensive list.

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Some weeks ago it was revealed that Johnny Depp had filed a lawsuit against the british The Sun by publishing an article in 2018 where it points to as a “kicker of wives”. In the midst of this legal battle, The Guardian reports that the judge Justice Nicol, case manager, has taken the decision to accept the testimony of Kate Jamesex-assistant Heardas evidence official. Recall that in mid-march, The Blast published statements of Kate against Ambergenerating a new scandal for the actress.

Between the words of the ex-wizard stand out: “Amber it was an abusive verbal and mental a regular basis, and often yelled at me for the smallest things” and “When I wake up in the morning, there were almost always a text abusive and incoherent that Amber I was between the 2 to.m. and the 4 to.m”. On the other hand, Kate he mentioned that Johnny Depp he was always very friendly with her and even take care of his young son when the work was too demanding.

The acceptance of the testimony of Kate will have you sitting pretty bad Amber Heardadding another point against her already abundant report of observations. A spokesperson for the actress issued the following statement.

The team of mr. Depp has been trying to present evidence irrelevant. This is one of the defining features of their strategy: to provide evidence irrelevant designed to defame the lady Heard and to be distracted from the facts that people do not focus on the behavior of mr. Depp.

How the battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp it will end some day? Both sides continue firing from their trenches and refuse to budge. The Guardian reported that a full hearing of the defamation suit is scheduled for July. What about the resolution?

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