Katy Perry was naked in her latest music video wearing pregnancy


Singer Katy Perry is living in a very special way this confinement motivated by the COVID-19. The us announced last month of February, her pregnancy and subsequent wedding with Orlando Bloom, although this last has had to be postponed. In the last few hours, has decided to release his new single taking the opportunity to show off his new, though not permanent, figure.

The singer premiered Daisies last Friday

Has been in the music video of the song Daisiesthat saw the light last Friday and has already accumulated almost a total of 7 million of views. In him, Katy Perry appears singing in a very natural setting in a forest north american, where they decided to bathe in the river, immersing himself totally naked and dancing later without the nightgown used for shooting.

Note that Katy Perry is enjoying the most of this time in your life and your pregnancy, wanting to flaunt her belly in one of his last songs. The u.s. would have liked to be able to do this next summer for his wedding, which was scheduled for this date, but it seems to be married to Orlando Bloom when the storm passes.

The most natural of this stage

The singer is one of the most followed on the international scene and it is for this reason that he has received a multitude of compliments in these last days for such a gesture. In Daisies not only shows the new Katy Perry but seeks to share the naturalness and the beauty so characteristic of pregnancy.

However, not everything is a bed of roses in these last months in the life of the singer. Pregnancy is also having some negative aspects that have directly affected their relationship. Despite the fact that the thing has not happened fortunately to older, few weeks ago it was rumored that her relationship with Orlando Bloom, not across the best time precisely because of the difficult living situation after the suspension of their wedding because of the COVID-19 and a pregnancy enters its final straight also with the fear of this virus.