Kendall Jenner is sincere about his anxiety problem, and inspire all


That Kendall Jenner has expressed his anxiety problems this is nothing new. In fact, in several episodes of the reality show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ make reference to it. However, this time it was much more open about it.

The stress, anxiety, and depression are three subjects that they slowly stop being taboo and to find their place in the society, so that the model wanted to contribute by talking sincerely from their experience in the middle of the quarantine.

Kendall Jenner more real

The socialite said in an interview with Good Morning America that despite the activities and jobs have been reduced by the pandemic coronavirus, has had to deal with their problems of anxiety and stress, according to Glamour magazine.

To cope with this has taken refuge in two of his hobbies: meditation and readingthat the approach to peace of mind.

Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner expresses these problems in spite of all its apparent conveniences and has wanted to transmit a message valuable. – Instagram

However their struggle is for a long time, despite the fact that she is 24 years old, already from a very young age he experienced panic attacks.

“She (her mother Kris Jenner) took me to a group of doctors just to make sure that everything was okay physically. No one told me I had anxiety. Three years ago, maybe four, came back completely and I went back to having panic attacks. Finally, I got the information I needed about it,” he said.

He has even extended the dynamic social networks, where it has 129 million followers on Instagram, joining a campaign where he talked about the importance of honest the face of these problems and nominated other celebs to do so.

As a kind of challenge, one of the many that have flooded the digital platforms in the confinement, he called it “Like you’re really”, with the label in English #howareyoureallychallenge, in collaboration with the Coalition for Mental Health.

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