Kylie Skin, where to buy in Spain


2020 brings a great news for the lovers of beauty, and the sisters Kardashian-Jenner. ¡Kylie Skin comes to Spain! The small clan, turned into a guru billionaire (yes, with a B) of cosmetics, launched her own line of treatment a few months ago, specifically in the month of may 2019. Since then it has positioned itself as one of the brands of facial care most desired and sought after. In our country could not purchase their products, nor in the rest of Europe, but the prayers of hundreds of thousands of ‘beauty junkies’, and fandom of the small of the Jenner have been heard and Kylie Skin will be sold in Spain. We reveal the keys of this landing:


In the centres Douglas. The retailer becomes the first to launch Kylie Skin and sell their products exclusively in Europe. Loubna Khalfi, director of Marketing & Communications of Douglas Spain to shown the importance of this launch: “it fills us with pride to be able to communicate in an official way this extraordinary collaboration. We are thrilled to partner with one of the companies of beauty most admired and influential of the world”.

Given the situation created by the crisis of the Covid-19 the launch of Kylie Skin will be via the web. You’ll be able to to buy the products of Kylie Jenner in is In the shop, will depend on the territory and of the phase of the desescalada in the table to work out.

Kylie Skin for sale in Douglas Spain

Douglas/Kylie Skin

Douglas has a list of brands of ‘celebs’ exclusive interesting; Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr, Florence by Mills, Millie Bobbie Brown, Honest Beauty of Jessica Alba…; to which in a few days will be added Kylie Skin.


Once we know where and when, touch to reveal the mystery of what products Kylie Skin can be purchased at Douglas. Will be a total of 6.

  1. Foaming Face Wash
  2. Walnut Face Scrub
  3. Face Moisturizer
  4. Eye Cream.
  5. Vanilla Milk Toner.
  6. Vitamin C Serum.
    1. The entrepreneur Kylie Jenner she is very happy with the arrival of its products to Europe, the fans waited with eagerness!: “I’m really excited about the collaboration with the Group of Douglas, for the launch of the products of Kylie Skin in the european market. Douglas has an incredible variety of brands and their consumers expect to be able to find the best products for skin care. I do not see the time to discover the opinion of consumers! Many fans have asked me on numerous occasions that the products were available in Europe. Now, thanks to this partnership, will be able to discover them and try them out in first person and buying them in situ for the first time,” he says.

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      comes Kylie Skin to Spain. The own Kylie Jenner has just announce in their networks, The chosen date is the 22nd of may.

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      “I’m so excited to announce finally that @kylieskin will be launched in Douglas in Europe this Friday! You can buy online on the 22nd may, on the first anniversary of Kylie Skin! I can’t wait! ?” has Kylie in their networks.

      Let us, also, we can’t wait!

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