Margot Robbie, a strong candidate to be tinker Bell, do you like the idea?

As reported by the portal The Illuminerdi, Disney expected to join the big names in the industry to your version in the flesh and bone of the hero created by James Barrie.

Nominated for the Oscar for best actress for I, Tonya and the best supporting actress for Bombshell, Robbie it could be the ideal candidate to bring to life the famous fairy and loyal friend of the child who did not want to grow.

It is not clear if Disney is already in talks with the interpreter, or, only, are mere intentions. If confirmed, it would mean that, at least in the short term, Disney would have to pause his intention to make a production starring the fairy only, in what relates to his universe Disney Fairies.

Initially it was said that Disney wanted to narrate the origins of “Tinker bell” in a tape starring Reese Witherspoon.

The Illuminerdi they also posted a description that would be associated with the brave fairy: “The companion of adventures of Peter Pan and the voice of reason”.

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