Revlon: collapse in the quarter

The cosmetics industry facing one of the worst moments of the story. With limitations in the most of the markets to market their products, their quarterly sales were strongly impacted in this start of the year in which you had to face new rules of the game.

The american Revlon saw him fall like a pack of cards all your units of business during the first quarter of 2020, marked to fire by the COVID-19. See Press Release.

According to the report of resultsin this start of the year its revenue fell by -18.1% in the comparison year-on-year, and this represented a total turnover of u s$453 million.

Although unlike the French L’oréal, that at least your business of Active Cosmetic saved the potatoes from the fire in function of that markets its products excluisvamente in pharmacies, in the case of Revlon, all of their units they are red-hot.

Its four divisions, however, have numbers well dissimilar. The unit known as Revlon it was the most drilled his billing after dropping a -26.5%. This business includes all the products that bear his name as a trademark and that are exhibited and sold in large retailers, farmcias, supermarkets and beauty salons. Includes the cosmetics Revlon ColorSilk; to the dyes Revlon Professional; to the nail and accessories beauty.

One of the companies of the sector that felt the effect COVID-19 it was Revlon. The multi registered a fall of -18.1% retail sales desplomase demand enamels, fragrances, and makeup. All the businesses are red-hot with low from the -26.5% to -6.1%.

Then, the unit of Fragrances performó to the floor with a decrease of -14.6%. The coronavirus hit directly to the tags they were banned from purchase by the closure of the duty-free and the majority of shops of perfumery throughout the world. Highlighted by the case of Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Mariah Carey, John Varvatos, Christina Aguileraand Giorgio Beverly Hills.

Almost to the pair, the segment named as Elizabeth Arden declined a -14.5%. The division, acquired in the 2016encompasses the brands perfumes, creams and cosmetics Elizabeth Arden White TeaElizabeth Arden Red Door, Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue and Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, among others.

Finally, the baptized person as Portfolio it was the segment with the lowest drop. The same declined by 6.1% in billing, because it is a unit with profile mass. The group includes the labels Almay in cosmetics, American Crew for articles male, and Cutex for care of the nails. In the United States, the category that is mainly sold in department stores, distributors and professional beauty salons could hold a 1% of positive results, but decreased by -16.8%at the international level.

In the rest of the divisions the negative figures were given in both the north american market as in the world. The impact of the control of the borders and the closing of the beauty salonshairdressing salons and spa of hands in many countries led to the brands Revlon they were to pique in the first quarter of 2020.

u$s 1 = $ 70,26

Revlon: restructuring 2020


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