Sister Karol G boasts a spectacular abdomen under the shower


Through their social networks, Veronica Giraldo, sister of Karol G, has been dedicated to give you beauty tips that she follows, and as a sample of what you can achieve a healthy life, presumed part of his body.

The publication of the girl in Instagram is a picture of his flat abdomen, which was taken when bathing, something that fills her with pride because, as he expressed it, she got it naturally, thanks to your dedication and perseverance.

Veronica (32 years old) wrote alongside the photo: “it is Not a abdomen operated, has only been healthy eating, leaving the sweets, the sodas, just flavored water, leaving the junk food, detoxifying my body, a bit of sport, strip, massage reducers, and a result of two months.. that is the proof that one needs to see these results…nothing happens overnight and I wanted to share…”

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