Ter Stegen advised a book of 1957 and a film of 2006

Like some of its peers, as Frenkie de Jong, Marc-André ter Stegen has passed by a section of the website of FC Barcelona, and has had to choose a movie and a book for these days of desconfinamiento that are still living more hours than usual between the walls of the home.

The goalkeeper German, untouchable in goal for Barca, opts for a reading with a title that could fit in that weight that is in the plans Quique Setiénalthough its theme is not anything sporty. You are left with ‘The untouchables’, also made into a film as ‘The untouchables of Elliot Ness’. Tells the story of the idealistic federal agent Elliot Ness and his relentless pursuit of gangster Al Caponethe famous gangster american who murdered, extorsionaba and traded illegally with alcohol in full dry law, always to their own advantage, without which, no one found the way of stopping him. It is a literary work written in 1957 by Oscar Fraley. The screens was taken in 1987 by Brian de Palma.

As for the movie recommends ‘In search of happiness’, directed by Gabriele Muccino in 2006 and starring Will Smith, Thandie Newton and Jaden Smith, son of Will. Aware that life is a struggle for Chris Gardner. Kicked out of his apartment, he and his young son find themselves with nowhere to go. Despite the fact that Chris eventually he got a job as an intern at a prestigious financial firm, your position does not give you enough money. The duo must live in a shelter and face many difficulties, but Chris not giving up and striving for a better life for himself and his son.

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