The drinking habits of Jennifer Lawrence in quarantine don’t make you feel anything bad


If you are one of those that you have taken several glasses of wine… you are Not alone!

In a recent episode of Amy Schumer Learns to CookLawrence shared what have been your drinking habits while you have had to follow the quarantine during the pandemic by the coronavirus. The good friend Lawrence Amy Schumer called her to ask what was your kind of favorite wine while filming the episode together with her husband, Chris Fischer.

“You may have to call my girl on this issue,” Schumer said after you finish a glass of chardonnay. “Who would be exciting to call at this time?”

“Oh, God…” replied Lawrence to answer the call.

“Oh my God, I love your work,” joked Schumer.

“Oh, just woke up,” answered the actress.

“We’re drinking chardonnay because, as you know, I like a rich chard” said the spontaneous comedian Lawrence. “What type of wine you prefer? I don’t remember because I’m a bad friend”.

“Sauvignon blanc” replied the actress of The Hunger Games. “That when I speak of white wine, which I think is mainly for perr*s”.

“How dare you!” commented Schumer. But then he recalled that his friend is a person who prefers red wine.

He added, “You like a good red wine early in the night.”

Schumer then continued by asking Lawrence about what has been their hours of drink during the quarantine period.

“I have tried to wait until 6pm, so we only heat up a bit with a beer at 5,” Jennifer explained.

“Uh, that has class,” Schumer replied.

As fans may recall, the actress winner of the Oscar is recently married with his love Cooke Maroney, in mid-October of 2019.