The Kardashian confess that they do not wash the hair


No, they are not unhygienic!, the Kardashian, Kloé and Kourney have revealed that they do not wash the hair, not very often, and this is your secret to keep it healthy and beautiful.

According to the sisters of Kim Kardashian, by hair health only wash your hair once a week, and apparently, the results are wonderful.

Kourtney confessed that when you wash your hair leave it to air dry without combing and ensures that the routine that is performing, gives excellent results in his mane.

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Shared that uses less products in your hair and only wash with water when you train, what would you do?.

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For its part, Kloé confessed that you wash it well earlier in the week and then just with dry shampoo. Revealed that to remove headaches is very well done massage on the scalp.

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Surely thousands will adopt these beauty tips from the sisters Kasdashian; but others consider little hygienic not to use any product to wash the hair.

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What is certain is that they always look spectacular and your hair is beautiful so that the results of their habits are indisputable.