The skirt of Shakira not cover anything. Photo I teaching him all of that! Do you neglect or provocation?


May 20, 2020
(12:15 CET)

Social networks have become a double-edged sword for Shakira. And is that, as happens also to her friend Jennifer Lopez, Instagram has helped to make his name more known even if it should be, but also that your haters have more repertoire with which to attack it.

The Barranquilla it takes many years to be one of the singers most famous on the international scene, so is more than accustomed to live with the criticism and with the cracked.

However, what we can not control the pair of Gerard Pique it is the content that is posted in the many accounts of Instagram, managed by his followers and devoted wholly to her.

The skirt of Shakira

And has been in one of these accounts parallel to yours in which has appeared a picture that has left many with his mouth open. And is that in it we see the artist wearing a dress with a skirt that, being as it is light, leaves very little to the imagination.

And it has been the “belly” that you see under the skirt which has caused a good number of comments on the part of his detractors. As expected, his followers have not made another thing that to ensure that it is “beautiful” and “so cute as always.”

But that has not been the comments that have generated debate, but have been opinions as “Mother of mine what a belly you have”, “you see the belly”, “This woman has lost a lot”, “Already is not what it was”, Before I had abs, now has a belly”, “What a beast”, “I’m Not surprised that this picture does not hang in your profile official” or “Will have done a disservice by hanging this picture the truth” the more noise you have achieved.

Shakiraas it has always done, it has opted to flee from the controversy. You know, in fact, that has less ball given to this type of haters the better for it. Yes, they still do their own thing, which is not another thing to look for any ‘defect’ and go for it.