What is the diet Sirtfood? The analysis beyond the “miracle of Adele”


It is known worldwide as “the diet of Adele” with which the singer would have fallen more than 40 kilos. What is true and false of the diet Sirtfood, their foods allowed and prohibited, pro and cons. All that you have to know.
The image of Adele “model 2020” which toured the world. Photo: File, Atlantis.

More than 40 kilos! In the weeks since the pictures of Adele (31) with a surprising physical change give back to the world on social networks, internet portals and magazines around the world.

If she just smiles (he didn’t say a word about it) it is said that the british singer has not made another thing that to follow the more the strict version of the diet Sirtfood.

Fast, efficient, permitted tasty. Its creators boast of having found the solution to the extra kilos. Success, however, did not prevent there being a lot of criticism against it.

A picture file of Adele left in the memory, literally. Photo: Fotonoticias.

For You consulted with recognized professional and trust to understand what it’s about and, of course, to know your opinion on this radical meal plan.

Sirtfood: the diet of the “miracle of Adele”

Created by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, this regime is based on the intake of food, called “Sirtfoods”.

“These are a group of foods high in polyphenols according to the authors, could mimic the effects of fasting and exercise favoring the action of the sirtuínas, a protein that activates certain genes in protecting cells stress, reducing the inflammationby activating the metabolism and regulate the process of aging” explains the bachelor of Nutrition and antropometrista Lucila Race (MN. 5643).

nine diet sirtfood
Nuts, one of the flavors of tempting the diet Sirtfood. Photo: pexels.

But that is not all. Because so questioned nutritionists british ensure that this type of diet also “improves the body’s ability to oxidize fats and allow lose weight (up to 7 pounds in 7 days) without loss of muscle mass”. Now, let’s see how true it is.

What is the diet Sirtfood?

So what explains Race (@lu_nutricion): the first week is 3 days of 1000 kcalwith green juices and 1 meal with only foods that are high in polyphenols. And, for the remaining 4 days of that week, are 1.500 kcalwith 2 meals that are rich in polyphenols and green juices.

The following 2 weeks are the maintenance, there is no kcal established and are carried out foods high in polyphenols.

Race details: “while there are very few calories, what is striking about this diet is that the prolifenoles are not only compounds with many benefits for the health, but Also are in food deliciousas the bitter cocoa, coffee, green tea, turmeric, onion, red, strawberries, blueberries, olive oil, arugula, kale, nuts, etc.”

The oil olvia, another ingredient of the diet sirtfood that gives that talk. Photo: pexels.

But not everything that shines is gold…

The secret of the diet Sirtfood

Consulted by For You, the licensed nutrition Matias Marchetti (MN 7210) calls to reflection: “they All talk about how effective it is. But, do you think this famous diet it really is a lot better than a low carb, a paleo, keto, lacto ovo vegetarian… just because Adele dropped +45 kg in months?”, warns.

Consulted by more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram, @matias.marchetti investigated the details of the Sirtfood and ensures that their success lies in the combination of a caloric deficit (consuming less than we spend) and exercise.

In other words: would the same results that any nutritional plan that is respected to the letter. “The Sirtfood don’t change the head, the head you have to change you, ” he insists.

cocoa sirtfood
Cocoa, key in the diet Sirtfood. Photo: pexels.

The risks of the diet of Adele

Today is the Sirtfood, as in another moment it was the soup diet, the pineapple, the moon, and we know that they will come more…

Nutritionists consulted agreed that follow meal plans and generic fashion may have a high cost for the health.

I do not recommend to the population to make this type of diet book because it is very important to individualize. Of course, promoting the inclusion of foods rich in polyphenols, but along with other“ says Race.

“It is important to understand that not just any type of food is suitable for all over the world. And the reality is that many fall in this type of strategies looking for a magical solution. The type of food most suitable for a person is one that can hold up over time, which is tailored to each individual and their medical history was always accompanied by a professional”.

For its part, Marchetti concludes: “To be a restrictive diet and set of food runs a high risk that missing nutrients and have serious health consequences. The diets of 600 calories per day also were very fashionable, but it had serious consequences for more than one. The day that people stop believing in the magic solutions, are going to be finalized these plans out of fashion.”