What she replied Tekashi 6ix9ine to No Kid Hungry?


Tekashi takes more than a month free and continues to spark the controversy: why?

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Tekashi continues to spark controversy: why?

Tekashi 6ix9ine is an artist very controversial, and then to get out of prison to continue paying his sentence under home arrest, due to the risks of spread of the COVID-19, which presented while in prison, his name returned to be word-of-mouth… this time, not for a controversy planned.

The singer stood in the midst of the controversy, then it became known that he tried to donate $200,000 to the organization No Kid Hungry, which brings together resources to feed the young in the midst of the pandemic, but the group turned it down, according to revealed CNN.

“We are grateful for the generous offer of Mr. Hernandez to donate to No Kid Hungry, but we have informed their representatives that we have rejected this donation”, said in a statement sent to CNN. “As a campaign centered on children, it is our policy to reject funding from donors whose activities are not aligned with our mission and values.”

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And although many supported the decision of the organization, the rapper was very upset by the negative.

“No Kid Hungry you prefer to remove the food out of the mouths of these innocent children, I never saw something so cruel,” wrote the singer of “Kooda” in their social network, rather indignantly.

Later the young man, who tends to brag about his money and his fortune in its publications, shared a video on their social network, where he returned to raise their voice of protest, in a message addressed to Ariana Grande.

“All I’m saying is that I worked very hard to get out of Brooklyn NY. I speak for the millions of children who are not as fortunate as you. The millions who were not fortunate enough to be on TV … LIFE is REAL when you’re on welfare. LIFE is REAL when you grow up without a father. Do not know how that is. You say that to be humble … I don’t think you know how humble I am ………. NEVER you will UNDERSTAND MY PAIN,” said the artist in his Instagram.

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