Will you be sick? Shakira surprised her fans for her extreme thinness


The lovely artist of colombian origin always manages to surprise to the millions of followers he has on Instagram, but this time has left with the mouth open to the whole world with this controversial photograph, and is that even it doesn’t seem it!

Since the year 1990, the beautiful and super talented Shakira has given a lot to talk about, because of the way how you demonstrated your unique talent, and this skill has not yet been lost, and that is incredibly surprising, because without a doubt knew how to draw the attention of the past generation and now it does with the current one.

Many have been the compositions that have led to the famous to be a celebrity, among them we have: “I like it”, “faithful Dog” and “I fell in love with”, which have been positioned in the first places of the most important platforms world music.

As we could notice, the famous yes that knows to call the attention of millions of people around the world. But all is not perfection, talent, and beauty, in fact Shakira it also has its moments not so good on where it appears in a rather odd way.

On this occasion, we see our beloved colombian wearing an outfit of blue color, which allowed to see many parts of your body, and to disappointment of many, Shakira it appears quite thin, so much so that even many of his followers have been concerned for her.

Many of his fans have expressed, that the same thing has happened that happened to Mia Khalifa, who let’s remember had a fairly radical change in absolutely all of his body, and now looks pretty thin… But, with respect to Shakira all ask What led you to be so thin?