“You don’t know the truth”: Cara DeLevingne out to defend his ex-girlfriend to charges of infidelity


Cara DeLevingne confirmed days ago that his relationship with Ashley Benson ended definitiviamente. But still went out to defend it, after a wave of criticism that received your ex for an alleged infidelity that would have broken the link that you previously had.

Benson was photographed in attitudes close to the rapper known as G-Eazy, which detonated the speculations of the followers of the model to the rumors that such a meeting would have been the one who ended up breaking the relationship with DeLevingne.

The level of speculation and convictions against Benson reached such a level that Face decided to confront the malicious telling it through a story on Instagram that “today is more important than ever to spread love, not hate. To all of you who are hating Ashley Benson: please, stop”.

The message posted by Cara DeLevingne in the face of criticism that he did to Ashley Benson.

In the same message, Delevingne remarked to those who have outlined the critical “you don’t know the truth. Only she and I know, and this is exactly as it should be”.

The couple met on the set of “Her Smell” and they started to leave. The relationship was not an official confirmation but until 2018, at which time Benson launched a publication in which they appeared clamped in a car.

After that, they both started to share pictures on which they appeared disfrutanto in different set of experiences and given a time, Benson traveled to London to meet the parents of the model, giving all seriousness to the relationship. Hence, the abrupt conclusion to their love affair take by surprise to his followers.

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