6IX9INE announces his return with “Gooba”


After a long time in prison, the rapper 6IX9INE he was released and took the opportunity to celebrate big and reclamarles to all his haters with this catchy tune.

It is “Gooba” a song full of aggression and beats intense, but sticky and are presented with the now characteristic style of the rapper. Of course, and as was expected, the lyrics of the song is full of rhymes dedicated to their haters where they are asked mainly for having declared against which it is supposed, were part of his gang.

“Gooba” is full of courage and aggressiveness that is mixed with a video full of colours, paint and women by theme dub twerk to the beats. Clear that 6IX9INE I had to take advantage of to brag about what happened to him in prison, showing us their ankle cuff, which set him on the occasion of his parole.

For us to understand, 6IX9INE is that buchona that you have added for some reason on Facebook and who spend all day pulling indirect and fighting with their imaginary enemies, of course, because this is another level, because not everyone dedicates a song to these.

6ix9ine new song gooba haters video

Look at the video below: