A year after the end what happened to the protagonists of the HBO series?


It is very likely that you’re wondering: did you actually already spent a year in the end of Game of Thrones? Without a doubt, the time passes faster each time, more when we have to talk about that controversial final that marked an era in the television and showed us the denouement of the reign Lannister in Westeros. It is well, it is still worth to continue to upset with the result as questionable, but it is impossible to deny the impact the series inspired by the work of George R. R. Martin.

The complex world created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss who went from skilled warriors, greed for power, magic, dragons and evil forces that we are still leaving stunned; moments such as The wedding red or the Battle of the bastards are still a true milestone on the small screen; he returned to them and you will notice how it makes you -again – the skin sweety.’Game of Thrones’: a year’s end, Melisandre still thinks that it was great to the outcome of the HBO series

For these reasons we decided to investigate the professional lives of the many protagonists to tell you exactly where they have been after the end of the series, some, like Peter bad griesbach, Emilia Clarke or Sophie Turner continue to lead productions and have several ahead of you. It will be a matter of waiting for what is required by the current sanitary contingency so that they may return to the film sets or in their defect, brand new many projects.