Adele without makeup proves that the natural beauty is its greatest attribute


The singer proudly displays his radical transformation.

Adele has left all her fans shocked by the transformation that has undergone in the last few months. The singer has always enthralled by his beauty and his new figure is still showing that it’s beautiful naturally.

Although in their concerts or steps on the red carpet, the british singer usually use a makeup quite elaborate with eyes intense and cheeks marked, has made it clear, on several occasions, that without all the make up also looks incredible.

Adele prefers to be natural

In your most recent photo, Adele was struck by your impressive change with the who wore not only a svelte figure, but a face completely transformed.

Despite the change, the artist continues proving that it is a beautiful woman and sure of herself. In fact, in several occasions has shown his face without any makeup, and has received the applause of his followers.

Has left No doubt that his makeup is only a supplement to their factions natural.

The celebrity crossed one of the most difficult moments of his life when he got separated from her husband and father of her child, Simon Konecki, with whom he had a relationship of 7 years.

With the break-up, the fans expected the singer to debut new songs about heartbreak and even though it has been rumored about a new musical production, fame of the artist has increased because of its radical change.

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