An interview with the diva of the urban


Dove Mommy is the current superstar in the genre urban, daughter of chilean, born in New York, since childhood, he began to sing, and always knew it was his own, jumped into the success thanks to your participation in the talent program “Red,” which gave exhibiting bad practices of the production.

Dove Mommy had planned for these dates in his tour, “40 degrees” that would take her to play at the Festival Ceremony, last month. In addition his music has always been encouraged by the great names of the genre, with just a simple could be open to Archangel, and behind their songs, there are companies in the production, DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, and their new single “Drip” was attended by Pablo Diaz reixa “El Guincho” in the credits.

Just a few days of the launch of this simple I was able to talk in a video call with the singer, currently locked up in Puerto Rico, at the home of her boyfriend, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. I am a girl with lots of spark, quite jovial, and joker with lots of energy.

In order to familiarize us start by asking you about the origins of the character and the differences between Dove Mommy and Paloma Rocio Castillo Astorga, smiles and immediately makes it clear that there are not large differences, perhaps only the character is more rebellious and not so have in mind the opinion of your mom in what she does. On the tv show that gave him enough exposure in Chile, I talk to the most experience that left him was the power to know the medium, and discover that it has a good side and a bad one, “I think that taught me a lot of the industry, I had just released my first song, so that was new in the world of entertainment. I taught the things most adverse of the industry and so I was able to react, and helped me to deal with fame, as be me.”

About the time of the show of Arcangel that gave without in truth no one knew, and that the couple of months already on the lists of popularity Paloma Mom recalls:

“It was very crazy, open to Archangel, it was very funny because I had just taken “Not Steady” and had “Don’t Talk About Me,” but he had not taken it out yet, I used to have repertoire and nothing, it was very rare, it was very funny to see people that I knew, looking at me no more like who is this girl who we never saw in our life? and then I had another show I think that makes 6-7 months, right there in the Theater Caupolicán and they all sang the song, so it was a very rich guy that change.”

In December of 2018 arrived, “don’t fall in love”, the first song of a Dove Mommy launched with Sony Music, so I launched to investigate how it was for her to change in his personal life, and what will be left to this change, gets excited and releases a cry of Wow! opening up to tell of that period between his first two songs were a hurricane that resulted in a radical change from the night to the morning, as many artists happen to learn as the industry works step-by-step, while for her it was immediately added: “I had to learn things very fast, things you learn in life, sometimes you learn for years, and I had to learn it in a night, so that was very crazy, and I feel very blessed”.

To paloma Mommy is already classified as a diva Latin, perhaps to the height of Mon Laferte, or Rosalia, in truth as a big star, what reacts like that I love it, can’t believe still that she looks like a little girl who stays with the mouth open to be seen in the playlist of the streaming platforms at the side of Naty Natasha, Karol G, Becky G, simply could not believe it because it is like a dream come true. Touching the topic, she believes that the city still has a lot time ahead of the whole world and that this is just starting so the reggaeton and trap latino will continue to dominate, at least from here to the next 5 years, and like all musical genres should evolve and that it will be bigger and more global.

The time comes to talk about the day today of Paloma Mommy, and told me that after their tour had to stop,this working of the hand of all your equipment to be able to reschedule their dates and be able to share time with their fans, in due time. But he dies for visiting Mexico, Spain, and share shoes in Chile, so I call the patience to make them in a healthy environment.

While we can remove the veil that clouds the industry of concerts and live shows, Pigeon is entertaining at home, recording new songs and preparing their debut album, of which you may not talk much or share dates, but it is already cooking.

The pair Dove Mommy, spends the days playing cards, watching tv, and learning to cook, starting from the most basic, since I had never cooked before, but I love it. Currently in these days you listen to much R&B as Snoh Aalegrabut also a lot of reggaeton old man, the hist classics of Don Omar, Tony Dize and Wisin and Yandel.

After working with the producers of Hear this music, who has been behind hits by Natti Natasha, Bad Bunny, Nacho, Victor Manuel and Maluma, I ask you to tell me as it was to work with “El Guincho his single “Drip”:

“I loved working with him. The producers I’ve worked with have been very nice and have always been aware of what I record, concerned about what it sounds like and have been very involved in all aspects of the songs, and has helped me a lot to me. With el Guincho was the same case, and I’ve learned a lot from them.”

Close your answer by joking that now she is a producer, well in truth not yet, but one day I hope to achieve to produce their own songs, so it is not surprising if in the future he does so.

At the time, the singer is very happy with the work in his career, which has managed to consolidate a base of communication, and she always tries to be in contact with people from the label to make sure that everything is in time and form, and feels that every one of their songs is like a son to her.

To close I ask him about his opinion of what will happen after that we can go avantes of the pandemic, and believes that we will have to change a couple of things, but she happens that your mind goes wild when on tv you see people without a mask and taking things without caution, without using gloves or alcohol, as it is a maniac of hygiene, and she therefore considered that not many things will return to normal.