Anna Kendrick la estrella improbable | Celebrities, Vips


The media tend to be busy deciding which new actress is crowned with the title of America’s Sweetheart. To the neglect of other more interesting as the Amiga’s Funny that Always Invites us to Tequila, a position that at this time can only hold Anna Kendrick.

The actress starred in the first blockbuster of the year, the Disney musical Into the Woods, in the makes of Cinderella, and take advantage of the media storm that accompanies the premiere –magazine covers, appearances late nights– to consolidate his image of comedianta self-deprecating. In the program of David Letterman spoke of vibrators felinesin the Ellen de Generate dared to make shadow to Meryl Streep and, after being cover Marie Claire british, confessed that he had given the interview drunk.

In that encounter, the actress was back on a terrain that tends to address and that has almost become your trademark of the house: the fact that it is not good enough to be a famous actress of Hollywood. “People often say ‘am I the only one who thinks that Anna Kendrick is not as beautiful?’ It’s not. All the guys from my institute thought the same thing,” he said. Playing with the same idea, Kendrick starred in a few months an announcement that the leader magazine of the sector, Adweek, has been considered the best of the entire year 2014. In him, makes of himself, supposedly angry, for the cancellation of an advertising of the beer Newcastle Brown that I had to debut during the Superbowl. In reality, this craft beer does not have the budget to pay an ad so expensive, and all the video was a game, in a campaign called If We Made It (if you did), which allowed Kendrick to play an exaggerated version of itself, releasing studs (is famous for saying “fuck” every two words) and admitting that there is “a buenorra ad of beers”. According to Adweek, the entire campaign was ironic and brilliant, but what made it memorable was the Kendrick. “Initially, it was just one more name in a list of attractive people, but after studying their digital credentials, which include a Twitter account full of perfect jokes one-liners, the agency Droga5 realized that it was perfect for it.”

Other brands have certainly taken notice, and Kendrick ended the year starring one of the best campaigns of christmas, the Kate Spade.

The actress, who confesses to be addicted to Snapchat and Reddit, has a presence on social networks is perceived as natural and unstudied. You don’t mind tweet things like “I’m not going to go back to see a movie of Ryan Gosling in the film. Apparently masturbating in the last row is considered rude” or “I’m so humble that flip. I am the Kanye West of humility”. Clear that promotes their products, as Into the Woods or the long awaited sequel of Giving the notebut it also acts as a critical fan of pop culture, especially with phenomena very interneteros, as Peter Pan livethe musical that starred in a couple of weeks ago Alison Williams and that the entire network was waiting with the knives sharpened. Kendrick devoted to the subject of dozens of tweetstype “I am concerned that all of this is going to turn into a Boys don’t cry for Peter”, in reference to the decision something absurd to put an actress as an adult to make of small child.

For all that, there are those who claim that will give Kendrick his own late night show. “She can get into that club of guys that is late-night television and throw darts, changing the whole scenario, but without alienating anyone. You can keep the male viewers and attract women, especially the very-desired by advertisers, postadolescentes and the twenty-something”, pointed out in the american edition of Esquire when they asked for a program for her. Although the actress became well-known overnight by an adult movie as Up in the Air, has a demography of fans young for his appearance in the saga Twilight.

With his celebrated role in the Disney musical (“with his smile of a Halloween pumpkin and his gaze avid, Kendrick it is not a Cinderella to the use but a modern conseguidora planning their future,” he said New York Times) and a number of new releases pending, as the dramedy directed by John Krasinski The Hollars or the drama Digging for fire, uan updated version of Romeo and Juliet, it will be difficult to dodge the actress in 2015. The premiere of Giving the note 2 it also implies a new version of its devilishly catchy hit When I’m gone, more commonly known as “the song of the vessels”. How complicated will be to keep your attitude autoirónica and still prove credible.