Ariana Grande recalled the attack in Manchester, with a tender message


This Friday, the 22nd of may, the three-year anniversary of the attack on the outside of the stadium, Manchester Arena, England, to the output of a concert Ariana Grande. There were 22 dead and almost a thousand wounded, many of them children and teenagers. That’s why, as a tribute to the american singer wrote in his account of Instagram: “I’ll Be thinking of you all week and the weekend.”

As part of the same message, Ariana Grande said: “Not a day goes by without it affecting you and to all of us. The sadness and the tremendous heaviness of the anniversary… My heart, my thoughts and my prayers are always with you”.

The pop star accompanied the message with a black heart and an emoji of a bee. The insect, an emblem of Manchester, it was adopted as a symbol of hope and resilience after the attack.

One of the tributes to the victims.

One of the tributes to the victims.

At the end of march of this year, Hashem Abedi, the brother of the attacker of Manchester, Salman Abedi, was convicted of the murders with the explosion of a suicide bomb.

Hashem, of 22 years, was in Libya at the time of the attack, but was arrested shortly after the bombing, and extradited back to England in 2019.

During the trial of six weeks, prosecutors said Abedi “encouraged and helped his brother” and that he knew that Salman “was planning to commit an atrocity”.

Ariana Grande, pop star.

Ariana Grande, pop star.

“You have blood on your hands, even if not detonated the bomb”said Max Hill, the director of the office of the Prosecutor, in a statement after the ruling.

“This verdict will not cure the wounds of the people physically injured in the attack, many of whom have injuries that are life-changing,” said Paul Hett, whose son Martyn died in the attack.

“And this verdict will not help more than 670 people who have suffered psychological trauma after the attack, many of whom still suffer today,” he added.

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“But what will this verdict is to give a sense of overwhelming justice to all those affected by this heinous crime”.

“As of may 22, 2017, Salman Abedi entered the Manchester Arena and detonated the device that he and Hashem had made, killing himself and 22 others, and injuring nearly 1,000 attendees”, added the Police.