Bad Bunny will be on the new season of a series of Netflix


Benito Martinez included a photo of his childhood in which he seemed annoyed and had put some rabbit ears, when he decided that his stage name would be Bad Bunny. Since then, his life will never again be the same. The young man improvised shows in San Juan and I dreamed of being famous went on to be presented in impressive venues in the world and appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

The interpreter of “Callaita” was born in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. From the age of five, music was his most faithful and inseparable companion. Shone in the school performances with interpretations of themes of Juanes and the National Anthem. It was not the student applied to, but one of the most histriónicos.

Bad Bunny was 13 years old when he received an album of Vico C for Christmas and started to sing, compose and produce. Among those who inspired him account Hector Lavoe and Michael Jordan.

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Before jumping to fame, the puerto rican artist working in a supermarket and played in small shows in San Juan. Also published videos of himself singing on Instagram and shared songs on your SoundCloud account, where he achieved success and support very fast. Their song “Tell them”, caught the attention of music producer Luian, who hired him to be the first artist to his record label, Hear This Music.

Bad Bunny after he signed a contract with Cardenas Marketing Network (CMD), and their song “I Am worse” is ranked 22 in the list of Hot Latin Songs. He was a companion in the song Becky G “Older”, released in July of 2017. In November of that same year, “you don’t get the goat” of Bad Bunny is ranked 38 in the list of Hot Latin Songs.

The 2017 was a very successful year in his career, because he managed to position 15 of their songs in the list Hot Latin Songs 2017.

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The artist is the protagonist of the cover of the most recent edition of the american magazine “Rolling Stone”, where she unveiled that will appear in the series of Netflix, Narcos. He commented that a couple of weeks prior to his presentation at half time of the Super Bowl to the side of Shakira, J Balvin and JLohe recorded various scenes for the fourth season of the series. However, their participation was incomplete and the pandemic coronavirus stopped the recordings.

From a place located on the oceanfront of Puerto Rico, which moved to make it more bearable confinement, published in social networks the disc: “that’s not going to leave”, in reference to your second to last album “YHLQMDLG”.